Glenfiddich – 12Years -75CL (x12Bottles)


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Glenfiddich 12yrs Carton 70cl (x12)
The Glenfiddich 12yrs thrills on the nose with grain, floral, and mineral scents. It is spirity, fruity and malty before citrus develops. On the palate, this has light, floral, spices and is considerably smooth. Glenfiddich 12yrs is sweet and oily with a touch of oak and general fruit on the finish. The whisky is aged for 12 years in American and European Oak casks. The quality of these casks is exceptional as all are individually tended by experienced team of on-site coopers. They ensure their whisky develops complex, elegantly rounded flavours with notes of fresh pear and subtle oak. This classic Speyside from Glenfiddich was the Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition.


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